“Has the US government reached the point of no return? Is it beyond reform? Within the pages of The Grey Book readers will be presented with a powerful and persuasive argument that not only can the US government not be reformed, but that the only sane solution is for the people to separate themselves from it entirely.If there is one book you must read to understand today’s Southern independence movement, it is The Grey Book.”


“From its inception in 1994, The League of the South made education one of its primary undertakings. Southerners must understand who we are and what our true history is before we can successfully create a Southern nationalist movement. These essays have heretofore been available separately in pamphlet form. Now, they have been put together under one cover. While initially intended to stand alone, they work together seamlessly, one after another, because of a common, underlying theme: opposition to the historical phenomenon of cultural amalgamation and political centralisation called “Americanity,” or—as we in the League prefer—simply, Southern nationalism. Readers will not only enjoy the LS Papers, but that they will also derive benefit from them to defend and promote the cause of Southern nationalism.”

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I have also found this store to be an invaluable place to find resources pertaining to history, southern nationalism, and strategy, etc.

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