June 28

2016 League of the South National Confernce

We as Southern patriots need to learn to play the right moves on the chess board and bring about freedom to our Southland and this Conference pointed the way!

June 11

When White Men Lose Control

Poems are an art form. They can be written for romance, inspiration, storytelling, education, expression of life experiences or just to express feelings. In the old days our folk would pass down events of ages long gone by the use of stories and poems.

May 02

Confederate memorial demo held in Lake City

On Saturday 30 April the Florida chapter of the League of the South held a demonstration to remember & honour their Confederate ancestors. Over 30 folks from across Florida gathered in Lake City at the intersection of Hwy 90/247. Within minutes, League members had taken over all corners, flying various Confederate Battle Flags & the […]

January 19


THIS is our “national anthem” down South.

January 19

The Rebel Yell

The rebel yell was a battle cry used by Confederate soldiers during the War for Southern Independence. It was utilized by Confederate soldiers during charges to intimidate the enemy and to boost their own morale and that surge of adrenaline.

January 18

This is OUR Land!

On Saturday, January 16th 2016 at the capitol steps in Tallahassee the League of the South organized about 50 people including its own activists, SCV members and ordinary Southerners to fight the ongoing purging of all things Confederate and/or Southern.

January 11

Florida’s Independence Day

FLORIDA’S INDEPENDENCE DAY by James Colquhoun   155 years ago today, our founding fathers here in Florida saw it fit that she should leave the cursed union. In the wake of Abraham Lincoln’s election to the presidency on November 6, 1860, Governor Madison Starke Perry called for Florida to prepare for secession and to join […]

December 19

How to win thoughtful committed activists

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.

November 14

League Of The South members attend South Florida Confederate flag ride

The following is an account by League of the South member, Chris Cedeno: On Saturday, the 7th of November, Tampa Bay chapter chairman of the Florida League of the South Andrew Tracey, and myself attended a battle flag rally in Hialeah Florida. The so called “rally” was held in a very isolated area next to […]

November 11

Biblical Courtship: God’s Plan for Marriage, Family and Children

By Tex Wood Productions There is two choices of text, as follows (either way, please proofread as the former is little more than notes while the second is a draft): Choice # 1: How do we, as followers of Jesus Christ, engage in courtship in a biblical way, a way in which honors God? The answer […]

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