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January 23

Well That Definitely Was NASTY!!

I am specifically referring to Ashley Judd among some who spoke “nastiness” at the “Women’s March” recently. Not only did her “pep talk” not make any sense to me it was downright shameful coming from a female who is supposed to be a daughter of the South. Then again, I suppose I would have to be a liberal PC ass kissing feminist lesbian to truly understand where she is coming from.

January 21

Birds of a Feather

How is a Yankee man who gets sworn in on Lincoln’s Bible, in front of the demonic Temple of Lincoln, going to ever move the South closer to secession and independence?

January 12

Racism Started with Forced Reconstruction on The South, NOT Dylann Roof…

You are all blind clueless sheep who think that Dylann Roof started a racial divide in the empire. Each of you need a reality check, a true history lesson, and possibly a good swift kick in the ass. Pull your heads out of your asses long enough to see that this is EXACTLY the Agenda that the main stream Jew/ Liberal/ PC controlled media wants you to believe and your following right along with it as planned.

May 02

Confederate memorial demo held in Lake City

On Saturday 30 April the Florida chapter of the League of the South held a demonstration to remember & honour their Confederate ancestors. Over 30 folks from across Florida gathered in Lake City at the intersection of Hwy 90/247. Within minutes, League members had taken over all corners, flying various Confederate Battle Flags & the […]

June 20

Southern Identity Is The First Step

It’s natural, it’s normal, it’s okay to LOVE who you are, your people. Learn the POSITIVE things about your heritage and history, study them, embrace them, submerge yourself, especially your children into them. If you’re a Southerner, as I am or even a northern transplant living in the South, embrace your southern identity with full force…….LOVE YOUR PEOPLE.

March 22

As the Titanic Sinks (week ending 3/21/15)

In this week’s episode of ‘As the Titanic Sinks’ the Florida Fire-Eater recaps major news stories from a Southern Nationalist perspective.

March 08

Gov Scott touts ‘Florida Exceptionalism’ during state of the state address

By Andrew Rick Scott began his second term as Governor on Tuesday by giving his fifth State of the State address.  He began by praising lawmakers and outlining his plans for the future. We all share a love for our great state, but we all have our own ideas, and we debate with vigor,” Scott said. […]

January 31

Group Seeks to Repeal Capital Punishment in America

As the New Year begins, things we in the South support are once again under assault from groups in the other States we are forced to be in political union with. A network of “social conservatives” and libertarians calling themselves Conservatives Concerned about the Death Penalty (CCATDP) believes that the death penalty is wrong and too expensive.

December 28

State Lawmakers Nationwide Look to Shift Power Away from D.C.

The original constitution convention paved the way for our Southern people to be unequally yoked with our neighbors to the north. Any attempt to fix that original mistake that does not include the strategy of secession and complete separation should be considered futile in the long run. However, accepting divorce as necessitous is a process.

December 16

Pam Bondi files appeal, asking U.S. Supreme Court to delay sodomite marriage in Florida

The problem with living in a “nation” (Murika!) wherein everyone and everything is equal is that nothing is really truly valued anymore. If something can mean anything to everyone (e.g. traditional marriage), does it really mean anything anymore? Perhaps that is the real idea behind this spiritual battle to begin with.

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