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January 19


THIS is our “national anthem” down South.

January 19

The Rebel Yell

The rebel yell was a battle cry used by Confederate soldiers during the War for Southern Independence. It was utilized by Confederate soldiers during charges to intimidate the enemy and to boost their own morale and that surge of adrenaline.

March 06

Battle of Natural Bridge

The defenders of Natural Bridge are all prime examples of how Christian Florida Patriots should act when our great state of Florida is threatened by a foreign invader.

February 20

The Battle of Olustee

A hundred and fifty one years ago, Yankees walked “forty miles over the most barren land of the South, frightening salamanders and the gophers, only to get a terrible thrashing…”

January 10

Florida’s Independence Day

Tomorrow marks the one hundred and fifty third anniversary of Florida giving the proverbial middle finger to Washington D.C. and the union. “Good riddance, we can manage much better on our own” said 62 out of 69 delegates who met in Tallahassee on January 10th, 1861 to vote on whether or not to secede. For […]

June 22

The Republic of West Florida and the Bonnie Blue Flag

Did you know that Florida has already, albeit briefly, been its own independent republic? In this excellent presentation, Chairman of the Florida League of the South, Michael Tubbs, explains the history of the Republic of West Florida and its flag- The Bonnie Blue Flag. Today this symbol represents sovereignty and independence to Southerners-especially Floridians.

May 05

A Short History of Central Florida

Florida has a very interesting history. We have always been attached to the land, and it is our land that draws people to us. Some choose to stay (hopefully they are from the South) and some merely visit. Below is an excellent documentary about the history of the Central Florida region created by the t.v. […]

April 29

Golden Circle Introduction

Most people generally teach American history using either one or two story lines. The first is the Pilgrims landing at Plymouth Rock and the subsequent civilization that was birthed out of that colony. The ancestors of these Pilgrims, have gone on pursuing one moral crusade after the other such as religious freedom, abolition, feminism, gay […]

April 27

Honour thy Ancestors with your Actions

From little up, I have been trained to honour the memory of my ancestors. Many of them were Confederate soldiers. One of them even rode with the warrior Nathan Bedford Forrest. I have been to the battlefields where they fought and I have stood on that same hallowed ground where they bravely overcame immeasurable odds. […]

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