About Us

Are you tired of the non-stop expansion of the federal government into Florida’s affairs? Are you tired of the tyrannical federal Empire eroding your God-given rights and constitutional liberties? Do you feel that the two-party political system is broken? Reform of the “system” is not possible. It is time as Floridians that we start preparing for the serious possibility of SECESSION being that it is the only real solution left to the above problems. This site is dedicated to seeking Florida’s cultural, social, economic, and political Independence by all honourable means. The authors and articles here at The Florida Fire-Eater aim at helping Floridians create a “Florida Consciousness” in order to “visioneer” a future Republic of Florida.

Cultural Independence

We here at FFE believe that our Southern culture is distinct from, and in opposition to, America’s corrupt mainstream culture. Therefore we seek to separate ourselves from the cultural devolution of the “united” States. As Southerners, we revere the tenets of our historic Christian faith and acknowledge its supremacy over manmade laws and opinion. Our primary allegiance is to Jesus Christ and his Kingdom.

Social Independence

Today, American Society is egalitarian, Marxist, and devoid of any grace or charm. In contrast, we believe in a Southern society that upholds the ontological or spiritual equality of all men before God, while recognizing that is has neither been the will of God nor within the power of human legislation to make any two men mechanically equal. We believe that loving and stable families are the backbone of society. Therefore we seek to separate ourselves from any government or human institution that celebrates perversity and all those that seek to undermine traditional marriage and the family. We advocate a return to Southern hospitality and the teaching and practice of good manners.

Economic Independence

Here at FFE it is our assertion that the system of fiat currency, fractional reserve banking, and confiscatory taxation imposed by the American Empire-among other things-have considerably reduced Floridian’s standard of living and economic stability. We advocate the following:

  • Returning to a sound monetary policy where gold, silver, and competing currencies are used in trade.
  • Banning the Federal Reserve central banking system.
  • Enforcing a “full disclosure” policy against banks that practice fractional reserve banking.
  • Eliminating all forms of “income tax” on individuals and families.
  • Abolishing all taxes on real property, both during the life of its owner and at his death.
  • Funding necessary government by levying indirect taxation (e.g. sales and use taxes, tolls, etc.)

Political Independence

We here at FFE are working with members of the Florida Legislature to draw up ordinances of secession from the government of the United States- to reclaim its sovereignty as an independent Republic of Florida. We also advocate the subsequent secession and independence of our sister Southern States from the ever growing tyrannical D.C. regime. We envision a true constitutional confederation of sovereign, independent republics that separately order and control their own internal affairs- while working in unity with their sister republics to only conduct foreign affairs.

Until this long term political objective can be realized we continue to work with the Florida Legislature in all efforts of nullification and interposition. Additionally, we “guard the gates” of both local and State politics and help monitor pro-Southern statesman.

Join the Cause!

If you would like to become active in Southern Nationalism here in Florida, please consider becoming a member of the Florida League of the South.