Well That Definitely Was NASTY!!

By: Aloise McKenna

Let me be clear! I by no means consider myself the “little woman”.  I do consider myself a Christian servant of Jesus, wife, mother, an educated scholar and teacher of my children, and a strong true Southern Woman. But, there are just some lines that are not cool to cross.  I am specifically referring to Ashley Judd among some who spoke “nastiness” at the “Women’s March” recently.  Not only did her “pep talk” not make any sense to me it was downright shameful coming from a female who is supposed to be a daughter of the South. Then again, I suppose I would have to be a liberal PC ass kissing feminist lesbian to truly understand where she is coming from.  Let me also be clear. I appreciate the struggles that women such as Susan B. Anthony made for me to be able to vote and have the other rights that I am entitled to, but where is the uniqueness in being a LADY? How can the term lady be associated with the harshness in the Women’s march and Ashley’s rant? The title of Lady is a sacred entitlement. It is earned in actions. Plus, a woman can do what a man can do, but being a woman, and being a lady we have the one true gift that no man can do no matter what transgender surgery that he may have. We have the miracle of growing and giving birth to life. We only have the gift to feed and nurture our babies. Ladies educate and mold the future of their people. We provide the future! Being a lady is not earned acting like wild jungle animals in the streets.  Ms. Judd included in her “nasty” rant the topics of the Confederate Flag, Hitler and Nazis, Slavery, Homophobia, Trans-phobia, Equality. Sounds to me she doesn’t know what she wants to be a feminist, political activist, or an equal rights activist. Does this go hand in hand with the liberal Empire’s agenda?

I chose some key quotes to comment on. First, “I’m not as nasty as Confederate flags being tattooed across my city”. This referring to a TN city I am assuming, seeing that is her home. How could a true daughter of the South say such a thing? She is trashing her home, her ancestry, and her own people. What the hell? I suppose her feminist views and leftist ties have completely blinded her to who her people are. Instead she is in favor of blacks, gays, non-Christians. Let me tell you one thing Ashley. Those men who represented that Confederate flag would have sacrificed their life for your nasty ass in the hopes that they would be protecting and honoring a lady. Those men had honor, had integrity and valued not only their self-respect but that of their people and their home. You do not deserve to say that you came from that Southern heritage!!

Secondly, “Blacks are still in Shackles….” and “Slavery is re-instituted in the forms of prisons in front of people who only see melanin as animal skin”.  Wow, I really don’t know where to start on this one. I get the shackles being related to prison but I cannot even fathom the supposed thought that slavery and criminals being in prison is even in the same ball park. Let’s get one thing straight. When one acts as an animal they should be caged and treated as such, no matter the melanin in the skin! If a black commits a crime, then they should be treated as a criminal. That is the way of it. They aren’t put in prison to be a slave they are put their as punishment for their actions. Let’s just look at it like this. If these poor melanin brothers and troubled youths were reinstated into slavery in prison then they would NOT receive job training, free meals three times daily, entertainment, education, religious services, a bed, clean clothing, hot showers, and free medical care at the cost of tax payers. True slavery would be starvation, no clothing, no showers, no entertainment, no education, and beatings.  If anyone is a slave it’s the people who must pay for yet another form of their free loading! And another form of having the white Southern people to once again pay for their survival.  Give us all a break. Your melanin brothers have more of a chance to make it than the white privileged daughter. Free college, affirmative action, government support.  Please hold on while I laugh from disgust!!

This type of action will never go away while we are still controlled under the empire. This crap would never be accepted in a free and independent South. This will continue no matter who may be president.  Those kinds of people will keep causing trouble and helping us to further the divide and to prove that we (Southrons) are a different and distinct people. These trouble makers have no punishment they have no recourse for their actions. This would not have been the case in the old South. Let us do one thing that dear ole Ashley suggested. She makes fun of the fact that Southrons “want the South to rise again.”  Let us rise Southern people! Let us stand up Southern men and Southern Ladies. Let us retake our home to not be slandered by ungrateful ancestry betraying people again!!


Aloise McKenna Seal

Aloise McKenna is a 19th century Historian with a specialty in Southern Culture and People. She studied at Florida State University and received a PhD in History. Her family is an Old South family by way of the Bahamas and initially settling in Virginia in the late 1600’s, with a portion of her family pioneering Florida in the early 1800’s.   Mrs. McKenna presently resides in Tallahassee, FL, where she lobbies for Southern Nationalism.