Racism Started with Forced Reconstruction on The South, NOT Dylann Roof…

Racism Started with Forced Reconstruction on The South, NOT Dylann Roof…

By: Aloise McKenna



I see that everyone is caught up on the verdict of the Dylann Roof case. I also see some less intelligent people who are just gullible enough to think that he brought about a racial divide “That was almost all but gone.” (One idiot’s phrase on Facebook, not mine. Shows intelligence, ha?) It must be said so I guess it will take this woman to say it. You are all blind clueless sheep who think that Dylann Roof started a racial divide in the empire. Each of you need a reality check, a true history lesson, and possibly a good swift kick in the ass.  Pull your heads out of your asses long enough to see that this is EXACTLY the Agenda that the main stream Jew/ Liberal/ PC controlled media wants you to believe and your following right along with it as planned. You are probably the same unfortunate minded people who think the BLM and the “troubled youths” are “peacefully protesting” and just letting their feelings out. Are you all really that damn stupid? Please allow me to show you the cliff you can follow them over!

Here’s the reality check; you are part of the problem not the solution!! You are so afraid that someone might think you’re racist because you have an opinion on the matter or that you think some “troubled youth” somewhere needs a meeting with a water hose and canine unit. Don’t be a coward, especially you that are of true “Southron” blood. Your ancestors didn’t stand for the interference and weren’t running scared of being labeled a racist. Why are you? That word will not bite you. It’s only a word that liberals use when they have nothing else.  Aren’t you FEDup with being told what to think by the same dictators who marched into our land over 150+ years ago? It all just makes me sick!!

Now, here is your History lesson. Listen up and some of you might need to write this down!

Ask yourself this question. When the Yankees came to the South, say Sherman for example, and burned the homes (well the homes of those who are truly from the South and not Yankees pretending to be) of your ancestors, raped the women, the lands and most likely the animals too, what flag were they pledging allegiance to?

HINT: The same flag you pledge every day. The good ole’ Murkia flag.

When the meddling Yankees TOLD the South that they had to give up all their money on taxes, tariffs etc., knowing that a decent majority of the labor was slave labor, guess what, it wasn’t about slavery, it was about greed. This Yankee greed led to the racial divide that is in this country now. It was pure out evil Yankee greed that turned EVERYTHING into a racial (slavery) issue. It wasn’t started by the South, but it became the South’s problem and its worse handicap. Hey, thanks ‘Honest Abe”!! Yankee greed gave the South the identity that it is racist. It wasn’t the Southern people. That too was forced upon us. WE were forced to deal and coupe with a group of people who weren’t prepared to set up a life for themselves yet. The North damn sure didn’t want the burden. So once again our good ol friends from the North threw the South over the barrel. There you have it folks. This issue started way before 2015!! It started way before 1960!! It started when the Yankees invaded the South and has dictated it since. So seriously, who is the real enemy? Whose neck should you really want to put a rope around? Are you getting the big picture here folks?

Lastly, the good swift kick in the ass. Let me be blunt, let me be clear, WAKE UP pansies!!! Aren’t you FEDup yet? Haven’t you had enough of closing in on 200 years of being pushed around, being TOLD what to do, being TOLD what to feel, and being TOLD what to think by a Yankee government? Let me be clear again folks… the flag that they flew before and during “Reconstruction” is the same then as it is now. The government that was bullying the South before 1861 is the same government today, only now they have way more POWER!!  It’s time to take back your balls from the purse of the Yankee government and reclaim our mother Southland!

In closing, if your heart is true to the South and you want to make your words count, visit Leagueofthesouth.com. and Freeflorida.org. Join the others who are true to the South and “SECEDE”… IT IS THE ONLY WAY!!!


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Aloise McKenna is a 19th century Historian with a speciality in Southern Culture and People. She studied at Florida State University and received a PhD in History. Her family is an Old South family by way of the Bahamas and initially settling in Virginia in the late 1600’s, with a portion of her family pioneering Florida in the early 1800’s.   Mrs. McKenna presently resides in Tallahassee, FL, where she lobbies for Southern Nationalism.