Thank you 13th Amendment for this Species of Idiots

By Aloise McKenna 

*** This is not for the weak minded, and some unladylike language is applied.***

We can thank abolitionists, Lincoln, the “union,” and of course the 13th Amendment that was illegally ratified on December 6, 1865 for all the devastation and lawlessness that has befallen the South and the North these past few days. I mean really, what the hell did the Yankee abolitionists think was going to happen when they spontaneously set free a race (Negroes) that have always been kept? It’s like letting wild beasts out of a cage on a civilised people. The blacks had no teaching, NO reason for employing rational thought, NO idea how to care or provide for themselves, and NO sense of civilisation!! Those dumb-ass abolitionists didn’t think about those cold hard facts with their bleeding heart, busy body Yankee asses. After all, they didn’t have to worry about the Negroes heading north. They just left them here for the South and for the government to take care of…. Hmmm sound familiar? It should because it is the same story that is STILL UNFOLDING TODAY! “Let us coddle and support the lawless” the pundits and politicians cry!

It has been proven through scientific research that blacks predominantly make emotional decisions. On the whole, the majority of their race are incapable of and are not motivated by rationality but by mere animal needs. So, why is everyone getting so distraught? Why are you acting so shocked that this species of idiots could “do such a thing?” Well, let me tell you. It is because they are animals. They are savage. Think of their area of origination- the Dark Continent;  A land where animals are king! So yes, it will only get worse. It should be NO SURPIRSE that only WHITE law enforcement officers are being murdered in the South, and yes also in the North, by BLM (Black Lives Matter) and NBPP (New Black Panther Party).

chimp out2

Here is a recent statement by a BLM leader Byron Cowan:

“Be first to shoot first” I encourage every Black man in America to strap up. It is clear, I encourage every white officer to kiss their loved ones good bye. Every time you leave the house, tell them you love them; because you may not make it home. Also, if you do make it home, you may find their dead bodies sprwaled all over the house. This is war- we are tired. I don’t care who I offend. I don’t have any more words but bullets. It is time to start going into their homes and killing their families. Not f***ing playing or smiling:(

So, when these thugs start going into random white homes and killing the innocent, and even more law enforcement officers who have only attempted to stand up to these thugs that are shot doing what they do best, crime and acting like wild animals, then will you have enough?

I am telling you now. This load of crap would not go over for a fleeting second in a free and Independent Dixie. The animals would be dealt with immediately and swiftly- if they were even allowed in the South. Think about that! This kind of situation would most likely not even occur in a free South.  You know as well as I do that NOTHING will happen to these chimps under American occupation because some U.S. Government ass clown will scream discrimination, and be afraid to be called a “racist.” Like being called that mere word will burn them or send them to hell. Let me tell you this, and ponder it well: who cares if you are called a racist? Don’t you love your WHITE SOUTHERN PEOPLE? Don’t you love your RACE? If that makes some ignorant, diversified idiot want to call you racist, then be proud. Honestly, that is the only come back our enemies have is to call us racists and watch our people cower and become defensive for being called something that everyone on this planet is biologically wired to be- someone who identifies with his/her people.  Southern men, Southern women, take a stand for your people!

I am urging all of my fellow Southern Kith and Kin to please be on alert. Be ready to protect your family and your people with all necessary means. STAND UP DIXIE!!  STAND UP AND PROTECT YOUR LAND!!!

In closing, if your heart is true to the South and you want to make your words count, visit and Join the others who are true to the South and “SECEDE”… IT IS THE ONLY WAY!!!


Aloise McKenna SealAloise McKenna is a 19th century Historian with a speciality in Southern Culture and People. She studied at Florida State University and received a PhD in History. Her family is an Old South family by way of the Bahamas who initially settled in Virginia in the late 1600’s, with a portion of her family pioneering Florida in the early 1800’s.   Mrs. McKenna presently resides in Tallahassee, FL where she lobbies for Southern Nationalism.