Independence Day-The Declaration of Occupation

By: Aloise McKenna

My fellow Southron, I just finished watching the movie Gettysburg depicted from the days July 1-3, 1863. My heart aches, it mourns on this July 4th. It never fails that I cry most whilst watching the Pickets Charge scene- especially, after having a great, great, great-grandfather who survived that particular Battle. As I sat there and thought about that movie and particularly that scene I thought to myself, “What pure blooded Southern woman or man could see such horrific sights of our own countrymen mascaraed and mutilated and NOT BE LIVID? Doesn’t it just cause you pain to see that evil? Doesn’t it just infuriate you to know the anguish and loss that our kith and kin felt?”

The very people (Yankees) who repeatedly committed those heinous crimes against our Southern kin are the same people you will be celebrating today. You will be congratulating their “American Pride” and celebrating your own downfall. You will be cheering, setting off fireworks, celebrating and honouring your very own occupiers and murders of our OWN people! It is these same destroyers that only 153+ years ago tried to erase all signs of a southern culture. The same destroyers that even NOW… STILL are trying to erase our only remaining Southern heritage, monuments, and any resemblance of our Southern culture left.

For me and for my family, we will be honouring our lost kith and kin. We will be revelling in what it would truly feel like for DIXIE and our people to be free and honestly independent! Free and independent from a tyrannical, greedy government and its political correctness that is forced upon us!! The same government and the same flag from Gettysburg Battle July 1-3, 1863 as well as July 4, 1863!!  What are you really celebrating??

My friends this is my symbol of red, white, and blue… and Secession!

confederate betsy ross

In closing, if your heart is true to the South and you want to make your words count, visit  Join the others who are true and “SECEDE”… IT IS THE ONLY WAY!!!



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Aloise McKenna is a 19th century Historian with a speciality in Southern Culture and People. She studied at Florida State University and received a PhD in History, minor in Political Science in 2002. Her family is an Old South family by way of the Bahamas and initially settling in Virginia in the late 1600’s, with a portion of her family pioneering Florida in the early 1800’s.   Mrs. McKenna presently resides in Tallahassee, FL, where she lobbies for Southern Nationalism.