Where are all the Southern Sons?

By: Aloise McKenna

I had recently decided to only blog on Mondays, but as I am sitting in my home listening to some good ole Blue Grass, sipping some wine, and scrolling through Facebook I see all of these posts about how “Southerners” wont let the government (our Yankee Occupiers since 1865) take their guns, their monuments, or their flags.  It goes on to how these “Southerners” will put up a hell of a fight to keep their “Heritage” from being erased, but turn around and post a Happy 4th of July and a pledge to the flag of their exact occupiers and tyrannical captors. Then I realise, it’s all just words.. just talk. News flash, they are doing just that as you are typing your words!! So I decided that this topic couldn’t wait. I see that all of you can talk the talk, but when it comes to walking the walk… well something always comes up!! So, I put this question to you, as a 9th + generational Southern born and bred lady, WHERE ARE YOU AT SOUTHERN MEN? WHEN ARE YOU GOING TO STOP JUST TALKING??

I too was only just talking, then I decided to act. I am now a whole hearted activist and do more than just share my words on Facebook and post memes. It’s a crying shame when there are more Southern LADIES out standing their ground and fighting for Dixie than all these so called men! Let me tell you something… as a well educated lady regarding the history of our Southern people and our Southern country, that horse crap would not have flown back in the day of our Southern forefathers. As I once heard, it would have went over like a cement cloud. Those men would had rather took a bullet then to have their ladies leading the battle cry. It really is pathetic that all we do, especially the men, who most of you are from an honourable Southern stock, just spout off at the mouth!! HAVEN’T YOU HAD ENOUGH OF BEING BULLIED BY THE EMPIRE?

I read this amazing quote from an original South Carolina Fire-Eater, Robert Barnwell Rhett, who sums it all up. I am going to definitely apply it to this next statement. How can you men call yourself a ” Southern Man” when you let a “despotism of vagrant white men, and ignorant filthy negroes” (Yankee government and Liberals) still tell you what to do in your own country?  I implore you Southern Men to ask yourself this. Afterwards, check yourself, and if your balls have not been completely castrated and collected by the the US Pharaoh and his “American” conditioning, then please collect them and take a stand. Use your words, put them into action and scream “NO!” right back in the face of the evil empire with that ever so presently detested, glorious, Southern accent!!

There needs to be a “Spirit of Resistance” growing throughout the Old Confederacy and the South so that “the hatred (of the Empires’ Corruption) and the regional unit (our Southern people) will one day regain Southern Freedom and power in the national counsels. Never again to repeat the mistake of the first attempt at freedom for our people, but prevail in this modern movement!  We need to Secede from the evil union, and govern our own people for we ARE A COMPLETELY DIFFERENT PEOPLE!!  Have you men, and women, been so beaten down and blind sided with this “American Pride” that you can NOT even see who your own people are anymore?

Motherland, Dixie, is crying out, “Where are my Southern sons, why have they deserted me”! Once you can liberate your mind from fear of the Empire, and the conditioning of “America” maybe we will have a chance. You, MEN, need to crawl out of the dumpster of US oppression, put on your BIG BOY PANTS, stop playing like SISSY BOYS, reclaim your balls from the Union that stole them way back in 1865 and hence forth still do with every generation of men, and TAKE A STAND! Don’t let us women be the only fighting activists.  As Stonewall Jackson once said at the Battle of Manassas, “STAND UP, STAND UP YOU MEN,… LET’S DRIVE THEM BACK TO WASHINGTON.. AND WHEN YOU MEET THEM LET THEM FEEL THE FURY”!!

In closing, if your heart is true to the South and you want to make your words count, visit Leagueofthesouth.com.  Join the others who are true and “SECEDE”… IT IS THE ONLY WAY!!!


Aloise McKenna Seal   Aloise McKenna is a 19th century Historian with a speciality in Southern Culture and People. She studied at Florida State University and received a PHD in History, minor in Political Science in 2002. Her family is an Old South family by way of the Bahamas and initially settling in Virginia in the late 1600’s, with a portion of her family pioneering Florida in the early 1800’s.   Mrs. McKenna presently resides in Tallahassee, FL, where she lobbies for Southern Nationalism.