1st Annual Bonnie Blue Festival

On September 24, 2016, proud Southerner’s will gather at the corner of Brandford Hwy (247) and 90 in Lake City, FL. We will proudly display our beautiful Bonnie Blue Flag in honour of the victory of the 1810 Kemper Rebellion in Baton Rouge. Time for demonstration: TBD

On September 25, 2016, we will have a living history event with music, food, festivities, bounce house and fellowship. We invite the entire community to come out and learn a bit of Florida’s rich history. Time and Place for event: Specific location TBD. Event will be in Lake City, Florida

The first recorded use of the lone star flag (Bonnie Blue) dates back to 1810, when a troop of West Florida dragoons set out for the Spanish provincial capitol at Baton Rouge under the Bonnie Blue Flag. They were joined by other republican forces and successfuly captured Baton Rouge, imprisoned the Spanish Governor and raised their flag over the Fort of Baton Rouge.

republic of west florida
Three days later the president of the West Florida Convention, signed a Declaration of Independence and the flag became the emblem of the new republic.The people of the republic called their standard the Lone Star Flag. The Republic of West Florida successfully maintained its Independence for 90 days.

Many believe the War Between the States was the first secession attempt made by Florida against an Imperial power; when indeed the first attempt was some 51 years previous and was set into motion by the Kemper Rebellion of West Florida. DID YOU KNOW THAT?

We Dare to Resist!

james colquhoun




James Colquhoun of Carrabelle is a native Floridian. He is a Southern Nationalist and an old South Fire-Eater.