2016 League of the South National Confernce

By: Aloise McKenna

SN Chess

Picture this people!  You enter a room and you see hundreds of white “like minded” people who think just as you do. Are you dreaming? NO, you are entering a fire igniting weekend at the League of the South National Conference in Alabama and you are surrounded by Southern Nationalists who are there to support the same cause as you. What better sight could you see as a TRUE SOUTHERN??? We as Southern patriots need to learn to play the right moves on the chess board and bring about freedom to our Southland and this Conference pointed the way! Can you visualise the possibilities?

My passion was stirred and the fire under my rear was stoked into a blaze with the topics of Vision for our Southern People, The Covenant, The Tip of the Spear, and What Leaders Owe to their people.We need to have a vision of how we are going to regain control of our country from our occupiers. We need to have a vision as to how we are going to educate and teach our people.. to show them how they are STILL being wronged.

 We need to remember the Covenants from God regarding our inheritance of this blessed land and the sacrifices that will have to be made for our people to take it back. We as the leaders in this cause will have to be willing to stand first and fast with our brothers and sister to make this cause a reality and see it through. We will have to be the toughest of the tough. We will have to be the hard core. WE  will have to be the TIP OF THE SPEAR!

It was said during one of the speeches ” In order to have peace prepare for Battle”.  My fellow Southerns that is where we are at in this cause…. the point of battle. If you haven’t noticed its getting worse day by day to be a Southern White Christian.  Every  “right” that you are granted by the Empire is being stomped on. Gays, guns, restrooms, the right to prayer and the right to worship without political correctness… WHEN WILL ENOUGH BE ENOUGH? SERIOUSLY, HAVEN’T YOU HAD ENOUGH?

As always the Demonstration for promotion of session never fails to leave me preparing for battle.  The courageous and fearful brothers of mine took to the streets in Alabama to promote secession with signs that simply stated “Secede”, and to show our pride in our ancestral flags.It was a scorching day but these brave souls stood there like legionaire warriors not being deterred by curse words, vulgar hand jesters, as well as bodily threats. These Southern men made this Southern Lady proud! Unfortunately, the noble ladies were asked to stay behind for their protection, but don’t you ever doubt that their spirited hearts weren’t ready to go and stand for the land they love. Speaking of that, where are you Southern sons? Why aren’t you ready to kick the Empire out and save your home? We need more southern men to take a stand. Forget your excuses and put your fear behind you like your ancestors did.. WHERE ARE THE TRUE SOUTHERN MEN?

In closing, if your heart is true to the South and you want to make your words count, visit Leagueofthesouth.com.  Join the others who are true and “SECEDE”… IT IS THE ONLY WAY!!!