When White Men Lose Control

By Tex Wood

Poems are an art form. They can be written for romance, inspiration, storytelling, education, expression of life experiences or just to express feelings. In the old days our folk would pass down events of ages long gone by the use of stories and poems.

Personally, when I was in college I used to romantically memorise love poems with hopes of someone who hasn’t yet transpired. I’m certainly not going to recite a love poem here- but what I will do is to write a poem for my very first time. In creating this piece I had thoughts of the hypocrisy of those that support a homeland for some people but then refuse that same basic human right for others. Honour and truth are both found in support of the same consistent standards for all people. So in walking around the hugely demographically changed Texas as a white minority I pondered a bit on the poetic works of Michael Walsh and my friend MacDonald King Aston. I have entitled this information-packed political poem as, “When White Men Lose Control”. The read version is the rough draft, please enjoy:

When White Men Lose Control

When white men lose control, And are no longer at the helm, Their statues are removed, Forbidden in the realm. The Founding Fathers of ages past, Great men to you and me, Are now called oppressors, And owners of slaves were thee.

The politics that once was ours, Of government both limited and free, Is now largess and socialist, Liberalism and high taxes are not for me. All people deserve self-determination, But without separation it can not be, For we will soon be outnumbered, By mass immigration and amnesty.

Affirmative action is not equal justice, Legal third-class citizens are we, As our women are repeated victims, Of targeted rape of thee. Are we not also human, Deserving of that same basic civil right? Why then must our people be outnumbered, Even in Europe without a fight?

Your people have a homeland, As sole rulers on the throne; And diversity is not tolerated, By the ‘chosen’ ones alone. Don’t others deserve that same basic human right, To have a nation of their own- concerned about their plight? Where children can grow up happy, and ALL PEOPLE will be free, Away from the chaos and destruction of Babylon, want we.

I pray that more of our folk, Rise up before your media seals our fate, With propaganda so glaringly obvious, Controlled by hypocrites who hate. First you called us names, The most vicious in the land; But all we did was love, For our children’s sake at hand.

It’s natural to love your people, And to all things for them transpire, To desire your continued lineage, To remain pure as snow and fire. In all things love your kin, Have a quiver of children and teach them so, That way there will be more of us, And once again to rise the South shall go!