Confederate memorial demo held in Lake City

On Saturday 30 April the Florida chapter of the League of the South held a demonstration to remember & honour their Confederate ancestors. Over 30 folks from across Florida gathered in Lake City at the intersection of Hwy 90/247. Within minutes, League members had taken over all corners, flying various Confederate Battle Flags & the Bonnie Blue flag.  The group also had signs that read ‘Confederate Lives Matter’ and ‘Reclaim Your Southern Identity’.

From the start and throughout the demonstration public reaction was very positive. Horns honked all the time.  Many local folks came up to talk with the event organizers, who were more than happy to discuss Southern Nationalist ideology.  Several people who witnessed the demonstration thanked League members for “being brave enough to come out here and do this”.  One person even joined the organization on the spot. During the three hours of the demonstration many pieces of literature were handed out, including many Free Magnolias, the League of the South’s newspaper. After the event a group photo was taken, then they went to a local restaurant for some dinner.