Florida’s Independence Day


by James Colquhoun


155 years ago today, our founding fathers here in Florida saw it fit that she should leave the cursed union. In the wake of Abraham Lincoln’s election to the presidency on November 6, 1860, Governor Madison Starke Perry called for Florida to prepare for secession and to join with other southern states in organizing an independent confederacy. The state legislature voted to hold a statewide election on December 22 for the selection of delegates to a convention that would meet in Tallahassee beginning on January 3, 1861, to decide whether Florida should secede. Of the sixty-nine delegates eligible to vote on January 10, 1861 for the adoption of an ordinance of secession, sixty-two voted yea and seven nay.

A couple questions come to mind: If our founding fathers in 1860-1861 found it prudent that we should leave DC, then shouldn’t we also still earnestly desire to leave? Are things worse or better for our people- culturally, politically, socially?

The Florida League of the South knows that we must leave. “Voting” for the next emperor of the American empire will not solve anything. Appealing to the dead document- the U.S. Constitution- will not solve anything either.

Secession is the only political solution to tyranny here in 2016. We must secede to survive or else be genocided out of existence.

Today, Florida Patriots all over Florida celebrated the real independence day- January 10th. Barbeques were enjoyed by Southern Nationalists all over our mother State. Stories were told. Dreams and visions of a future independent republic were shared; visions of living in a land our forefathers conquered where we can live in peace, harmony, and practice our Christian worldview, and respect our ancestors without fear of retribution from the State or Godless cultural Marxists.

Every year we get closer to achieving this vision of Independence. This is what we celebrate- not only what our founding fathers did in 1860-1861 but also the accomplishments of Southern Nationalists all over Florida from the preceding year. May God save the South. May God save our mother Florida!