League Of The South members attend South Florida Confederate flag ride

The following is an account by League of the South member, Chris Cedeno:

On Saturday, the 7th of November, Tampa Bay chapter chairman of the Florida League of the South Andrew Tracey, and myself attended a battle flag rally in Hialeah Florida. The so called “rally” was held in a very isolated area next to a small road off US Route 27 and Krome Ave in order for them to avoid being met by “counter protesters”. When we arrived at the event site we immediately began receiving questions from several attendees regarding our black shirts. We explained to them that we were from the League of the South and we told them our mission statement and the reasons why it was futile for Southerners to continue to attempt to reform an Empire that doesn’t or ever will represent them, or allow any reform to be made, they agreed and took our literature. Then, only 15 minutes of us arriving, everyone present began to get in their trucks, which only 30 were counted (almost all had Confederate & U.S flags) and leave for the “heritage” ride. There was no one giving out directions nor did we ever find the event organizer taking the place of the event’s creator Chris Nicolaus, who was not present. We then headed out ourselves and were the last to join the convoy. We flew the Confederate battle flag however the area that the convoy passed through was mostly wooded thus not too many people could see except other travelers on the road. We then drove into Pembrooke Pines, a predominantly coloured neighborhood, and continued on through the vicinity for several miles (we were escorted by police throughout the entire ride) then we headed back to the ride’s starting point and continued to engage more attendants about our organization and again we received a very positive response from the people we talked to, police officers also asked us questions and they seemed to agree with our message. One female police officer even gave us a $1.00 donation for two Free Magnolias. Afterwards we then headed back to the main area of the event however we were then met a disgruntled individual as well as surrounded by a few of his friends and he told us that the event was private and to stop distributing our literature because nobody was going to take the time to read it, thus they would simply drop it on the ground and he wasn’t going to be responsible for them doing so. He then also said that our Black Cross flag (Southern Nationalist) was anti government and told us that our message of secession wasn’t welcomed there and told us to leave the main area. We then, in order to avoid any trouble with such an uneducated person, walked away. On our way out three people followed us and told us that they’ve heard of us and agree with independence. We covered several important topics during our conversation, afterwards we gave them all Free Magnolias and headed out to the top of a levy, where we stood for about an hour.


The next day we held a small demonstration in Davie Florida,and flew the battle flag and the SN flag. We received mixed responses once again and then after an hour we headed out for our homes.


Despite the ridiculous response that we received at the battle flag event we still a good time were able to spread our message and show the Southern people of South Florida that we are here to help them and build a better future for our state separate from the ever growing tyranny emanating from Washington. Hopefully,they’ll realize that the flag that they fly, the Confederate battle flag, is also anti government and move back to their roots and once again identify as Southerners and not “Americans”.