The Cultural Genocide of the Southern People

by Tex Wood

Cultural genocide: the systematic destruction of traditions, values, language, and other elements which make a one group of people distinct from other groups.

eth·no·cide: the deliberate and systematic destruction of the culture of an ethnic group.

While the media obsessed over a ruthless killing in a church in South Carolina the real goal was targeting the South for complete and total Cultural Genocide. Meanwhile, the media ignores and/or covers up the huge amount of targeted crimes against our people. Although I am unable to obtain the number specifically for Southerners, the following should give you an idea. According to the FBI, every year in the USA there are well over 200% more black on white murders than visa-verse and well over 30,000 black male on white female rapes while statistically zero, yes ZERO white on black. Again, I point that out not to target any group but to illustrate that the crimes against our people almost never make the news. The media’s silence does not make this injustice and evil untrue- instead it makes them responsible and culpable in our Cultural Genocide. (1)(2)

Those disproportionately high numbers point out two facts:

First- they occur even despite that we, as a numerical majority still share a degree of control within institutions. Things will logically become exponentially worse once we lose that ability to defend ourselves.

Second- they occur because of the high degree and huge extent of the ethnic-hatred against us taught in the modern social-marxist US society. Therefore, the fault itself can be found at the highest levels of society and at the top levels of government, education and media itself. There is a massive Cultural Genocide taking place right now in the American South. The only moral thing for good men to do is to speak out.

My intention is for our people to realize there is no solution to the problems we face by following the status-quot. We have to think outside the box and learn from our past, our history and to look to both the Bible and our ancestors for answers. Please study the Book of Numbers and Leviticus for answers. What would men like Washington, Jefferson, Robert E Lee and Jefferson Davis do?

The purging of all things Confederate and/or Southern is not happenstance; this is a deliberate, systematic and complete Cultural Genocide. Cultural Genocide is a prerequisite for physical genocide. The latter may not necessarily come at the barrel of a gun. Instead, it may derive from the highest levels of government, academia and media to put the conditions into place which make it impossible for a people to survive, even exist as distinct and unique people. According to the United Nations that is the basic definition of genocide.

As Southern people, your folk have no future within the modern social-marxist USA. A man of honor stands up to do right in the face of injustice and evil. The League of the South is your ability to stand up and make a difference for your children. Like all other unique peoples of the Earth, your children and posterity deserve a future.

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