The Nationalist’s Dance

by Tex Wood

A good bulk of what is means to be human is being part of a culture and distinct people, a folk. Without that identity you’re missing out on much of what it means to be human.

To be complete, a person must embrace their heritage. Heritage is the past that your ancestors gave you. Identity is that heritage manifest in the present. Your identity is a large part of your humanity. Without identity you’re not complete as a person.

Love who you are, love your people. The essence of your entire being should be aligned for that very purpose. Can you imagine a federal government stands up for Jesus, loves your heritage, cherishes your identity and that works for the betterment of your own people? That’s nationalism, the way things should be…self-determination is a basic human right. Think this thought politically, “one nation, one people…under God”.

Try not to get caught up in the trap of publicly criticizing other folk. Be disciplined since it will just be used against you as all people are God’s creation. At the same time, you understand that the groups and organizations that defame your own ethnic nationalism are crafty-liars as they hypocritically attack any effort by your own people to organize interests but then actively support organizations, movements and even countries designed for their own ethnic advancement.

Get involved and get active. I’m a Southerner so I’d strongly recommend the League of the South to all fellow Southerners and copperheads alike. But even if you’re of a different people- there’s nothing wrong with loving who God made you. Just remember, don’t be like those hypocritical crafty-liars; self-determination is a basic human right that applies to all people, not just your own.

So until our people can smile at each other, hold hands and as one folk dance down that beautiful golden road to freedom. Create a large family and give your posterity a future. Love your people and raise your children with a strong sense of their own identity. It’s all about identity, it’s all about LOVE.