100 League of the South members rally in Alabama

Florida League of the South members traveled to Alabama last weekend to participate in the annual National Conference in Wetumpka, Alabama. The two day event brought folks together from all over Dixie (and even a few from northern states). The first day was mostly speeches and socializing. Florida member Steven Ingram gave the first speech of the day. (Which was followed by several others that can be viewed here)

The second day a few speeches were given in the morning followed by a dinner catered by a local BBQ restaurant. In the afternoon over 100 League members traveled a few miles down HWY 231 to rally against Southern Cultural Genocide. Confederate flags & Black Cross flags flew together. Activists spread across all four corners of the intersection. Free Magnolias were handed out, on several occasions vehicles with their own Confederate flags passed the demonstration and gave shouts of support. After an hour League organizers wrapped things up and returned to the Conference hall where ‘Dixie’ was sung (and a few bars from “The Bonnie Blue flag’)

The event was a success. Having over 100 League of the South members at a rally is a great accomplishment. We hope to see their membership swell in the future.

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