The Meaning behind the Confederate Battleflag

By Tex Wood

During the Battle of Manassas General Beauregard saw a column of troops approaching. He looked closely through the binoculars but couldn’t tell if they were friend or foe. He then gave the binoculars to his young lieutenant who also wasn’t able to distinguish. Finally, a gust of wind unfurled the flag to which a command was given, “charge!”. The Confederates won the Battle of Manassas.

Afterwards, due to the confusion General Beauregard turned to his aide, who happened to be William Porcher Miles, the former chair of Committee on the Flag and Seal and asked for his input on a battle flag design. Miles proposed his version of the St Andrews cross which was accepted and used as the battle flag for the Army of Northern Virginia.

Where did Miles get his inspiration? Two-fold; Scotch and/or Scotch-Irish ethnic heritage and our Lord Jesus Christ. The former is intertwined with the latter as St Andrew is the patron saint of both Russia and Scotland. In the 1860’s, two-thirds of Southerners were of Scotch or Scotch-Irish decent. Their flag is the St Andrews cross with a blue background which was derived directly from St Andrew.

Scotland grungy flag

St Andrew was a faithful apostle of Jesus Christ in Asia and Russia. Upon being crucified in Greece, 69AD, he persuaded the authorities to be executed on an “X” cross because he felt he was not worthy to be crucified on the same cross as Jesus Christ; he also was not nailed, but tied. At 90 years old, after 3 days of preaching from the cross he fell dead as a martyr for Jesus Christ.

As taken from correspondence between Miles and Samuel Barrett, the flag was chosen as a humble acknowledgement of God and as a public testimony to the world that our trust is in our Lord Jesus Christ.

Confederate flag

So the Confederate Battleflag is a Christian symbol. The flag is a representation of the sovereignty of God; to attack the Battleflag is to attack Christ Himself. The Confederate battle flag represents the Kingdom of God vs the Forces of Darkness- Christianity vs the anti-Christ system. The former being the South, which is also referred to as the Bible belt; the latter being the US federal system that has forced the 50 States to forbid and ban Jesus from the schools, legalized the mass slaughter of millions of unborn babies every year and has recently adopted same sex sodomy ‘marriage’.

cultural genocide

In order to keep slaves content, their past must be abolished. So fight the forces of darkness as they take down your flags, remove your monuments, topple your statues and dig up the graves of your heroes. A people with no heritage, no past- has no future. They seek to chop your children up into the blender of the US governments own version of social Marxism. No less than the good people of Tibet we too HAVE a heritage! We HAVE a culture and we ARE a people…the Southern people. Don’t deny Jesus or your own people; get involved and get active. Take the St Andrews Cross and fly it PROUDLY!

Authors’ note: much of this information comes from a sermon given by Pastor Weaver a decade ago entitled, “The Truth about the Confederate Battle Flag