The Cultural Genocide of the Southern People Accelerates

by Tex Wood

Karl Marx once bragged, “Remove a nation’s heritage and they are easily persuadable.”

Before I was born, prior even to my parents being born, the communists took over Eastern Europe, removed the flags, toppled the statues- cleansed the culture. As a child, I can remember when the Taliban demolished the Buddhist statues hundreds of years old, pieces of history, culture; the final remnants of a people destroyed. But last week the very same process was accelerated wholescale right here in the South! Anything Confederate is in process of being removed, flags, monuments, anything Southern and all things Confederate. The American Taliban is committing cultural genocide of the Southern people. When the system wants to take down our symbols, what they are saying is they mean to erase YOU.

It’s currently in the works to remove both the flags and monuments in every state of the South. The United States Congress has talked of “nudging” any state with a statue associated with the Confederacy in D.C. or its respective state capital to have them removed.

Just last week, any representation of the flag was banned from Amazon, e-bay, Walmart, Kmart, Sears, eBay, Google Shopping, Etsy, Apple, Warner Brothers banned the ‘Dukes of Hazzard’ car, NASCAR will forbid any patron to carry or wave the Confederate at the racetrack. Just as ISIS dug up Christian graves in Syria. The American Taliban is actually working to dig up the graves of Jefferson Davis and his wife. You recognize the Confederate Battle flag as a symbol of heritage and of rebellion- independence and freedom from a tyrannical government. But just as identity is born out of persecution now is the time to make the cross of St Andrew a symbol for all Americans who reject cultural-marxism and Southern genocide. Now is the time to get involved so grab the sword of Southern IDENTITY, STAND UP….and get active.