Confederate flag rallies held in Tampa and Miami

On Saturday, demonstrations were held all across the South in support for the Confederate flag. Several of the demonstrations happened in Florida. One was held in Tampa on an overpass on US HWY 301 & Interstate 4. Members of the League of the South teamed up with Overpasses for America to stand up for Dixie and free speech. As soon as the flags were unfurled, cars honked horns non-stop in support. At one point a truck full of people drove past flying various Confederate flags. Rally attendees exchanged hoots and thumbs up with the passing truck. For almost two hours the demonstration went on with out any problems. As things were wrapping up, half a dozen police cars drove up and said they had a report that folks were throwing things off the overpass. Of course this was nonsense. Most likely a so-called “tolerant” liberal called the police and made this false claim. The officers agreed nothing had been thrown down onto Interstate 4 and most of the participants went home.  But not all.


The leader of the Tampa Bay League of the South, met up with a local Florida nationalist on State Route 60 and the two of them parked in a lot on the side of the road. Confederate flags were unfurled once again and attached to the cars. Folks driving passed honked horns in support of these actions. This went on until dusk.


Another demonstration was held down in the Miami area, by League of the South member Chris Cedeno, the following is his report of events:

After hearing the reports about the cultural Marxist wanting to take down our flags I was beyond furious. So on Saturday my family and I took to the streets of Davie, Florida and we all flew the great Southern cross and spread the message to the people there that the only way that we can end the attacks on our culture and identity was to secede and become our own country. Folks cheered us and we received a surprising amount of support as others were flying the battle flag as well. It truly was an excellent event and with all of the positive responses that we had I have great hope that the people of the South are going to turn to Southern Nationalism in the near future.