Southern Identity Is The First Step

by Tex Wood

Over the last couple weeks we’re had two really strange cases of confused and misplaced identity. First, the testosterone-filled athlete and Olympic gold metal winner Bruce Jenner now claims to be a “woman” and similarly Rachel Dolezal, claims to be black. The former would have been quite odd a generation ago but for the last few years, the media has pushed normalcy of the transgendered quite heavily. In the latter, the confused white NAACP leader who identifies as black, transracial is only a taste, the forbearer and beginning of such repercussions from forty years of social Marxist programming in media, television, movies, academia and quite frankly, society as a whole.

I think that if a Marxist kicks a dog over and over for forty years, eventually he’s going to succumb and cower. Our people, white folks- especially white Southerners, have been refused our own identity by society and have therefore, grasped towards the identity of others. For two generations or more in an up-side-down, social Marxist ‘Murika our people have uniquely been told it’s ‘hate’ to LOVE our own people, to embrace our heritage and even identity. I say that’s wrong and needs to change.

It’s natural, it’s normal, it’s okay to LOVE who you are, your people. Learn the POSITIVE things about your heritage and history, study them, embrace them, submerge yourself, especially your children into them. It’s good to have loyalty to your own, your own family- your children, and likewise, your own extended family…your people. In a HEALTHY society these things are GOOD, natural and normal. All other groups recognize and know this instinctively, we did too before the age of television swept into every household to condition the majority like a Marxist kicking your family dog. If you’re a northerner, identify with your state, your locality and your people. If you’re a Southerner, as I am or even a northern transplant living in the South, embrace your southern identity with full force…….LOVE YOUR PEOPLE.