Give Me Liberty- An Independence Summit

by Steven

Over the weekend, the Florida League of the South hosted its annual State Conference in Jacksonville. The Give Me Liberty- An Independence Summit was well attended by Southern Nationalists from all over the Lower South as well as Floridians interested in the League of the South’s message of Identity and Independence.

The Independence Summit consisted of presentations by Steven Ingram, Brad Griffin, and Michael Tubbs.

Steven Ingram, the public spokesperson for the Florida League of the South gave a presentation on the “CONstitution.” The speech enumerated the many historical reasons why appealing to the U.S. Constitution- or the federal government in general- will fail as a strategy.

Brad Griffin’s excellent speech “Blood and Soil” touched upon how Southerners became a separate and distinct people due to geography and culture and how this is has been a constant in the geopolitical scheme of North American politics.

The founder and President of the League of the South, Dr. Michael Hill was also due to speak this year at the Florida Conference. However, due to health issues, Dr. Hill was not able to attend and was sorely missed. Nevertheless, Dr. Hill’s prepared speech was eloquently given by the State Chairman of the Florida League of the South, Michael Tubbs. The speech entitled, “New Wine in Old Skins” recalled the founding of the organisation of the League. From its onset there were those who wanted to reform and those who wanted to go forward. Reform of the federal government is not possible or desirable.

The Florida League of the South has proven that its revolutionary eyes are clearly focused on a Southern Future.  Always proving itself to be the tip of the spear that is the Southern Nationalist Movement, the Florida League livestreamed its conference this year. In case you missed the conference you can still view it here.

Stay tuned to the Florida Fire-Eater for more videos of the speeches coming soon.