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June 30

The Cultural Genocide of the Southern People Accelerates

now is the time to make the cross of St Andrew a symbol for all Americans who reject cultural-marxism and Southern genocide. Now is the time to get involved so grab the sword of Southern IDENTITY, STAND UP….and get active.

June 28

Confederate flag rallies held in Tampa and Miami

On Saturday, demonstrations were held all across the South in support for the Confederate flag. Several of the demonstrations happened in Florida. One was held in Tampa on an overpass on US HWY 301 & Interstate 4. Members of the League of the South teamed up with Overpasses for America to stand up for Dixie […]

June 20

Southern Identity Is The First Step

It’s natural, it’s normal, it’s okay to LOVE who you are, your people. Learn the POSITIVE things about your heritage and history, study them, embrace them, submerge yourself, especially your children into them. If you’re a Southerner, as I am or even a northern transplant living in the South, embrace your southern identity with full force…….LOVE YOUR PEOPLE.

June 08

Give Me Liberty- An Independence Summit

Over the weekend, the Florida League of the South hosted its annual State Conference in Jacksonville. The Give Me Liberty- An Independence Summit was well attended by Southern Nationalists from all over the Lower South as well as Floridians interested in the League of the South’s message of Identity and Independence.

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