Southern Nationalists rally in SE Florida

The following is an account of a League of the South rally held yesterday in Hialeah, Florida given by local chairman, Chris Cedeno:

On Memorial day I was quite disturbed by the anti southern events that were occurring all across Dixie, including our great state of Florida. So I decided to take to the streets and spread the right message for the day, the message was not “support our troops” but instead it was “Feds Out of Florida”. The day was quite breezy and thus the black cross flag flew proudly for all to see. Many folks which were reconstructed were offended by my message because it was an “American holiday”, but I told them that I and many other proud Floridians want the Federal government and “Americanism” out of our state. As the day went on I received an overwhelming amount of support, folks honked their horns and some would even cheer and give me a thumbs up. A local man even pulled over and decided to join me, he was interested in finding out about Southern Nationalism and was very enthusiastic to join the League. The day ended with a few more honks and a good conversation about Florida’s independence with a new supporter. It was truly a good day for our cause.

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