Southern Nationalists rally in Venice, FL

Over the last few years Southern nationalism has been spreading throughout Dixie, but especially in the great state of Florida. It has spread from Jacksonville, to Tallahassee, to Gainesville, to Orlando, to Tampa, and to Miami. Today it spread to Venice, Florida located on the south western coast.  Brave Southern nationalists took to the streets flying the State flag and Confederate battle flags. The demonstrators let passersby know that they have had enough of the federal government and wish Florida to be free. Folks that drove by were very supportive, giving thumbs up from car windows. One young lady even joined the protest on her way to work, she flew a Confederate battle flag for a few minutes and hoped to see them out on the streets in the future.

Ryan Schell the main organizer for the demonstration recalls:

“A few people jeered at us but the overwhelming response was PRO SOUTH. They really get a rise out of seeing that battle flag. Many cars honked at us. Unfortunately, nobody signed up for membership, I had applications in my backpack just in case. Once we get signs we can broaden our message, but Southerners in Venice were honking at us as if we lifted their spirits.

Truly today was a great day for Southern nationalism and for Florida.