‘Feds Out of Florida’ overpass rally held in Tampa

The first ‘Feds out of Florida’ rally of 2015 was held in Tampa today on the overpass at I-4 and 301.  Several people (many of them local members of the League of the South) rallied to support the idea of seceding from the American Empire and becoming an independent republic.  They also rallied to tell folks they can have a better life and a higher standard of living. They rallied for a Florida free from interference by the Federal government- a Florida where the Southern People make the rules.

The rally began at two in the afternoon. A large banner was attached to the chain link fence on the overpass so that drivers below could read “Florida League of the South” and the website, Freeflorida.org.  Framing the banner were two 10 foot poles, one with the Florida flag and another with the Bonnie Blue flag.  The League members then spread across the overpass so that passing drivers could read the message on the signs- ‘Feds out of Florida’. For two hours the members heard overwhelming support from passers-by from their car horns. As storm clouds rolled in, the members wrapped things up.  As the Florida League members walked off the overpass and back to their vehicles, passing drivers still gave shouts of support. It was an enjoyable day and very successful event.