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April 29

Promoting the Survival, Well-Being, and Independence of Floridians

The FL LS spokesperson, Steven Ingram, briefly explains to ABC news the purpose for the Stand Against SDS Communists Demonstration.

April 23

FL LS vs. the “radical trans agenda”

On 18 April 2015, the Florida League of the South faced off with the SDS Chapter of Tallahassee. We were expecting worthy opponents, but instead found this…

April 21

League of the South stands against Communists in Tallahassee

This past weekend, the Florida League of the South confronted a group of Communists on the steps of the old Statehouse in Tallahassee. This group had rallied there the previous week and burned a Confederate Battle flag. The following is an account by one of the League members who attended the event:

April 17

‘Feds Out of Florida’ overpass rally held in Tampa

The first ‘Feds out of Florida’ rally of 2015 was held in Tampa today …

April 07

Free Magnolia Distribution in North Carolina

The response to Southern Nationalism and Southern Independence was indeed a positive one, which gave me great confidence that more Southerners will join our cause and that our great Southland shall once again be free.

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