February 09


Immigration Hurts Florida Workers Demo in Gainesville/Alachua

by Andrew

This past weekend, the Florida League of the South hosted two anti-immigration rallies in north-central Florida.  Late last year, the University of Florida’s Latin American Studies and the Program for Immigration, Religion, & Social Change hosted a two day conference.   According to reliable sources who attended the event, the subject matter was quite disturbing to those of us that enjoy living in a Southland populated by Christian, white Southerners. Essentially the plan is to replace the current population of Dixie with third world peoples from Asia and Central/South America under a system of socialism and big government.

Upon hearing the details of the conference, the Florida League of the South organized a rally to protest the continued demographic displacement of the Southern people.  The first of the day’s demonstrations was held in Gainesville- immediately up the road from the University of Florida campus.  Around 30 League members, mostly from Florida, others from Alabama, Georgia, South Carolina, & Maryland spread out along one corner of the busy intersection.  We held signs that spread the message ‘Immigration hurts Florida workers’. Free Magnolias were given out to curious folks who drove by and many honked their horns in support.  Overall, we were very well received.

Around noon we drove to the University of Florida campus to take a group photo at a fountain in front of the Curtis M. Philips Centre for Performing Arts. (There were hideous modern “art” sculptures littering the grounds)

water fountain

We then traveled to the town of Alachua where first we had dinner at a local Conestogas Restaurant. (Home of the famous ‘Main Street Monster Burger Challenge’)  But the League had no time for eating contests.  However the food was delicious.

At 2pm we had our second street demonstration of the day.  This time we spread out to all four corners of the intersection.  With Florida & Bonnie Blue flags flying high we once again spread the message ‘Immigration hurts Florida workers’.  Free Magnolias were shared with passing drivers, folks gave thumbs up and honked their horns.


(Special thanks to Kyle Young of ‘Overpasses for America‘ & the Gainesville chapter of the ‘Oathkeepers’; who attended the day’s events and brought two other attendees with him)

After the demonstrations, a local League member hosted us at his Mama’s house where she cooked us a grand feast of chicken, potatoes, sweet potatoes, asparagus, brussels sprouts, & homemade garlic bread.  (A special thanks to them as well) We ate like kings!  A perfect way to end a very productive day.


This was the Florida League of the South’s first demo of 2015, but it will by no means be the last.  Look for us again some where in Florida or participating in many other States across the South in the months to come.  The League of the South never rests!

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