2nd Immigration Hurts Florida Workers Demonstration

By Steven

This Saturday the 7th of February in the year of our Lord 2015, the Florida League of the South will host a demonstration against immigration in Gainesville and Alachua Florida. The purpose of the event is to highlight a conference that was held in Gainesville at the University of Florida last fall. The conference was hosted by the Centre for Latin American Studies and was nothing short of a think tank session on how to promote a third world invasion here in Florida and across the South.

From the attendees, we learned that the conference was funded with a $500,000 grant from the Ford Foundation for just a three day conference. In other words, UF and the Centre for Latin American Studies were given half a million dollars to brainstorm how to ethnically replace Southerners and their institutions- and how to get us to like it.

It is not a secret that there is a massive influx of third world aliens being transported to Florida. The illegal population in Florida is now estimated at around 950,000 or around 5% of Florida’s population. The latter places Florida as the fourth highest concentration of illegal aliens among the united States.

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What might be a secret however is exactly how much of this demographic replacement is by design and who the architects are. Just from this one example we find the federal government, higher education, huge corporations, and organized religion orchestrating and condoning the ethnic replacement of Southerners.

Among the presenters for the conference were members of the George Soros Fellowship and the SPLC. The commencement “prayer” for the conference was given by the Archbishop of Miami, Thomas Wenski. Wenski was quoted as saying:

“If someone was outside your door crying help, I’ve just been raped, wouldn’t you have a Christian duty to let them in?”


For this author, I say we as God-Fearing Christians have a duty to resist the destruction of our people.

What is being done to the Southern people in Florida is nothing short of premeditated ethnic replacement. This is genocide defined by international law.

Genocide is the systematic destruction of all or a significant part of a racial, ethnic, religious or national group.


With unemployment hovering at around 5.2% in the North Central Florida region, the incursion of foreigners is not only burdensome to the State, but their invasion also weakens local economies. Foreigners steal the jobs that should rightly go to the hard working Southern people of Florida. Around a million people in Florida are seeking a job; interestingly enough this number equals the amount of illegal aliens present. The immigration policies of the federal government which are allowed by the States are destructive. A just immigration policy should benefit the citizens of Florida- not the other way around.

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Come take a stand with the League of the South.

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