Group Seeks to Repeal Capital Punishment in America

by Andrew

As the New Year begins, things we in the South support are once again under assault from groups in the other States we are forced to be in political union with. A network of “social conservatives” and libertarians calling themselves Conservatives Concerned about the Death Penalty (CCATDP) believes that the death penalty is wrong and too expensive. So of course no State should be allowed to have what the Montana based group ‘Equal Justice USA’ launched in 2013- the CCATDP. The national coordinator Marc Hyden says, “Capital punishment doesn’t comply with conservative values on three counts: it isn’t pro-life, it isn’t fiscally responsible, and it doesn’t represent limited government.”

Let’s looks at these three points:

1- The term ‘Pro-life’ is used by the media to describe folks who are against murdering the unborn, also known as “abortion”. Someone guilty of first degree murder doesn’t fall under the category of “unborn”.

2- It is not fiscally responsible to keep someone who was sentenced to death by a jury of his peers on death row for 20 plus years. Nor is it fiscally responsible to give someone life in prison where they will live 50 plus years on the tax payers’ dime. A criminal serving a life sentence can exercise, watch television, read, study for a college degree, and interact with family and friends over the phone or through letters. The victim of the crime doesn’t get to do any of these things because they are dead.

Now according to some sources like Florida could save millions of dollars a year by giving all murder convicts life in prison. Capital punishment trials tend to take longer than other trials using up more funds. However, isn’t the cost of these trials reasonable since the jury has to decide if the crime warrants the death penalty?  It is an important decision that shouldn’t be rushed.  We could save money by using cheaper forms of execution. Instead of expensive chemicals we can use rope and the gallows.

3- Limited government is one of those abstract terms, like “freedom” and “equality”. If the electorate feels those guilty of murder should be put to death, then the government is not over stepping its bounds by obeying their constituents.

God’s Divine Law, given to us in the Bible, supports capital punishment as justifiable in murder cases.

He that strikes a man so that he dies, dying he shall die (Exodus 21:12 LITV).

Whoever sheds man’s blood, his blood shall be shed by man. For He made man in the image of God (Genesis 9:6 LITV).


Hyden says “Florida leads the nation [sic] in people being released from death row convictions, as well as by the Timely Justice Act …..not to mention there is no requirement for a unanimous jury decision in capital cases.” He also mentions “There is no visible move to end capital punishment in Florida.” Nor should there be such a move.

While it is always important to study law and make it better, it should not be tampered with by “social reformers” who don’t understand that good and evil are present in men’s souls. Men are not born good. Folks that believe this false enlightenment ideal are always trying to “fix society” through reform and they usually end up making things worse because they have based their reform on a false assumption. These groups should focus on changing things in their own States- outside the South- instead of trying to force their own version of morality on everyone else.