Florida Capitol to Allow Satanic Display

by Steven

Last year the Florida Department of Management Services denied the Satanic Temple approval of their “holiday display” in the Florida Capitol building. This year they said yes. Previously the Florida Department of Management Services cited this same display as being “grossly offensive.” This year it must be only somewhat egregious.

satanic temple

According to the Tallahassee Democrat, Lucien Greaves, spokesperson for the New York based Satanic Temple declared, “In a nation [Murika!] that respects religious liberty [humanism], viewpoint discrimination is simply intolerable.”

What is intolerable is that a New York blasphemous Satanist is allowed to meddle in Southerners’ and the State of Florida’s affairs by mere threat of a lawsuit. Let the “Satanic Temple” sue until they are blue in the face or bankrupt.

According to the Tallahassee Democrat…

The Satanic Temple sought the help of legal counsel at the educational, non-partisan Americans United for Separation of Church and State in getting their display into the Capitol. The Washington D.C.-based group (emp. mine) threatened a lawsuit against the state on the Temple’s behalf.

Other displays at the Florida Capitol rotunda are to include a traditional nativity scene, a Hanukkah display, a “Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster” display, and a “Festivus” display. For this author, all of the above are to be considered pagan.

Only in an ungodly Empire where everyone and all opinions are considered of equal value and worth can this kind of story take place. In other words- only in America.

The positive take away is that Christian Southerners greatly outnumber the apostates behind the monstrosities enumerated above. To remedy the infestation of our land, all that is required of you dear reader is to take a stand for your people, and abjure the realm of Babylon in spirit, soul, and body.


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