Prediction: Republicans will do nothing about immigration

by Andrew

This election, Republicans maintained control of Tallahassee, but do not expect them to take a stand against illegal immigration in Florida. In 2009, the number of invaders was 875,000, jumping to 925,000 in 2012. (New Jersey was the only State in the union with more illegals). Instead of deportations, Florida Republicans rewarded these criminals with in-state tuition so they could attend high school on the taxpayer’s dime.

scary rick scott

Rick Scott defeated challenger Bill McCollum in the 2010 primary by attacking him for not using e-verify. Scott called for an Arizona style immigration law for Florida. Yet, since becoming governor, Scott has done nothing regarding immigration. He does not intend to pass a strict immigration law. Fellow Republicans like former Florida governor Jeb Bush, and former representative Connie Mack are fiercely opposed to an Arizona style immigration law.


Some Florida officials like Adam Putman and new House speaker Steve Cristifulli have ties to agriculture. Farm companies are addicted to using illegal alien slave labor instead of paying Florida citizens a decent wage to pick crops.  Many Republicans are too cowardly to take a real stand once elected to office. However, I am sure they will make speeches to the contrary once election season rolls around again. But then again, prediction can be difficult- especially when it is about the future.