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December 28

State Lawmakers Nationwide Look to Shift Power Away from D.C.

The original constitution convention paved the way for our Southern people to be unequally yoked with our neighbors to the north. Any attempt to fix that original mistake that does not include the strategy of secession and complete separation should be considered futile in the long run. However, accepting divorce as necessitous is a process.

December 16

Pam Bondi files appeal, asking U.S. Supreme Court to delay sodomite marriage in Florida

The problem with living in a “nation” (Murika!) wherein everyone and everything is equal is that nothing is really truly valued anymore. If something can mean anything to everyone (e.g. traditional marriage), does it really mean anything anymore? Perhaps that is the real idea behind this spiritual battle to begin with.

December 07

Florida Capitol to Allow Satanic Display

Last year the Florida Department of Management Services denied the Satanic Temple approval of their “holiday display” in the Florida Capitol building. This year they said yes.

December 03

Mystery Babylon: First-Hand Thoughts on the Ferguson Riot

The logical conclusion is that Mystery Babylon is a diverse, multicultural world system. Only for the last 50 years or so could people imagine such a world system but today it is reality. Every country from America or Australia to all of Europe suffers from mass immigration and its resulting ethnic and racial conflicts.

December 01

Southern Nationalism in Miami

Over the past few weeks local activists in the Miami area have been hitting the streets; spreading the word about Southern Nationalism and the League of the South.

December 01

Prediction: Republicans will do nothing about immigration

Prediction: Republicans will do nothing about immigration. This election, Republicans maintained control of Tallahassee, but do not expect them to take a stand against illegal immigration in Florida.

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