Immigration Hurts Florida Workers Demonstration

Today the Florida League of the South hosted a demonstration against immigration in Apopka Florida. The hardcore of the hardcore came out despite bad weather conditions. The event was well attended with Southern Nationalist activists from all over Dixie including veteran activists from Alabama, Georgia, and especially Florida.

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The purpose of the event was to highlight and protest the massive wave of third world aliens being transported to the Central Florida area by the federal government. The illegal population in Florida is now estimated at around 950,000 or around 5% of Florida’s population. The latter places Florida as the fourth highest concentration of illegal aliens. What is being done to the Southern people in Florida is nothing short of premeditated ethnic replacement.

Recently, the Hope Community Center has even processed illegal alien children from Central America that have been bussed to the Central Florida area by the federal government.

With unemployment hovering at around 9.7% in the Central Florida area, the incursion of foreigners is not only burdensome to the State and local governments, but they also weaken local economies. Foreigners steal the jobs that should rightly go to the hard working Southern people of Florida. Around a million people in Florida are seeking a job; interestingly enough this number equals the amount of illegal aliens present.

League of the South members took a stand for their people today in spite of the pouring rain. The locals of Apopka were very warm and receptive to League members and their message. The positive sentiment is congruent with a new Zogby poll stating that 83% of Floridians believe that illegal aliens have a negative impact on their State. There were many enthusiastic responses from the passing traffic. Of interesting note was one black truck driver who made a point to stop in the road and wave a Confederate Battle Flag out the window in support of League members.

Conspicuously missing was the confused members of R.A.S.H. After numerous threats from R.A.S.H earlier in the week indicating that they were going to field a counter demonstration, it appears that they were scared off by the rain. Perhaps they were afraid of melting.

This event was the latest demonstration by the League coming on the heels of the Southern Marriage & Family Defense Rally recently held in Arkansas. The positive message of Southern Nationalism- the message of Independence and Identity- is certainly picking up tempo all over the Dixie.

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