2014 Florida League of the South State Conference

By the Florida Fire-Eater

The  Florida League of the South just concluded their annual State Conference, which was held in Jacksonville Florida. After a year of consistent activism at the local, State, and national level this event was a motivating and educational time on how to continue with a winning Southern Nationalist mindset.

The theme of the FL LS conference this year was “The Illusion of Liberty.” This year’s agenda included presentations by three prominent leaders and activists in the League of the South; Dr Michael Hill, President of the League, Mr. Ed Wolfe, LS State Chairman for Georgia, and Steven Ingram Jr., Provisional Chapter Chairman of the Central Florida Chapter LS.

Kicking off the morning was a very educational speech by Mr. Ed Wolfe entitled, “Why the Constitution Won’t Save Us.” First, Mr. Wolfe enumerated the many reasons why the Constitution is not really the glorious right wing document that many “conservatives” believe it to be. He also brilliantly and logically explained why it is a pipe dream to believe that a piece of parchment paper will solve our problems or save us here in Dixie.


Next up was Dr. Hill, who always the brilliant elocutionist, explained why we really have two options available to us here in the South. In order to solve our social, cultural, economic, and political problems we can either participate in some ill-fated revolution or we can secede to survive. As Dr Hill explained, historically revolution has been a bloody mess, which finds revolutionists becoming the very things they were attempting to change. Secession on the other hand is the cleaner and more peaceful solution.


Concluding the presentations for the conference was Steven Ingram Jr. who gave a speech entitled “From Ideology to Identity.” The talk was an autobiographical account of Mr. Ingram’s journey from political activism based on ideology, to Southern Nationalist Activism fueled by the love for one’s Folk. He also enumerated the many reasons why Florida specifically would not only survive, but flourish by amputating the empire and removing its influence from her sovereign shores.


There were many visitors who all seemed very receptive. As a member of the audience at the conference, it is always rewarding to this author to see the light begin to shine in the eyes of the uninitiated. To see someone’s light bulb go off and understand that there is a feasible way out of the U.S. matrix is why we do the work we do as Southern Nationalists. After the conclusion of the talks, many of the visitors went out to dinner with us to continue fellowshipping and to ask more questions about our worldview.

The Florida League of the South’s State Conference was an excellent warm-up and sample of our upcoming 2014 League of the South National Conference. With more and more young people getting on board with the League, and SN veteran activists rekindling their natural fire, the League has set a trajectory to exponentially grow the Southern Nationalist movement and influence real world events. I pray you count yourself among us.

Buaidh no Bas