Stockholm Syndrome and the South

by the Florida Fire-Eater

In 1973, two men with machine guns stormed a bank in Stockholm Sweden. Firing their weapons and shooting up the place, one of the men shouted, “The party has just begun!” The criminals took four hostages, tied nooses around their necks, strapped dynamite to them, and for almost 6 days held them captive in the bank vault. When the rescue attempt finally came, a curious thing happened. All four hostages sided with the kidnappers, feared the police officers, and even actively resisted their rescuers at one point. Shockingly, even after their release, the hostages continued to display sympathy for the very men who had just threatened their lives for six consecutive days. During the 1973 trial of the would-be-thieves, the freed hostages not only remained loyal by refusing to testify against them, but even went so far as to set up a fund to cover the criminal’s legal fees!

I have seen the comparison drawn before of our occupation here in the South and what has since become known as “Stockholm Syndrome.” In reminiscing on how I became a Southern Nationalist, it is impossible not to diagnose my former allegiances and beliefs as Stockholm syndrome. As a people, I think we would do well to examine this phenomenon from a Southern Nationalist perspective in a little more detail.

According to the Oxford dictionary, Stockholm syndrome can be defined as:

“Feelings of trust or affection felt in certain cases of kidnapping or hostage-taking by a victim toward a captor.”

Another definition might read

‘a psychological phenomenon in which hostages express compassion, have positive feelings toward, defend and even sometimes identify with their captors.’

Does this not describe most Murikan Southerners still stuck in the Matrix?

Sadly, many Southerners still express compassion and have unconditional positive regard for their captors. This is made evident by countless Southerners who feel it is necessary to wave, wear, or fly the federal Flag at every opportunity.

amerophiles anonymous

This is the equivalent of someone being kidnapped by a bunch of gangbangers and flying that gangs’ colours. Not only do our people still fly the federal rag of our oppressors, but even worse, they have been brainwashed that they are Americans. They even promote the defending of the abductors that are flat pickpocketing them and threatening their very lives.

Unfortunately, Southerners are always disproportionately represented in the U.S. military. Although some of these figures are outdated, it relays the general trend.

southrons in us military


So what causes Stockholm syndrome? According to clinical psychologist Dr Joseph Carver, four contributing factors are involved:

  • The presence of a perceived threat to one’s physical or psychological survival and the belief that the abuser would carry out the threat.
  • The presence of a perceived small kindness from the abuser to the victim
  • Isolation from perspectives other than those of the abuser
  • The perceived inability to escape the situation

The presence of a perceived threat and indeed the carrying out of those threats are too numerous to mention here. Involuntary taxation, confiscation of property, NSA wire-tapping, TSA abuse, ad nauseam, just to name a few. Really as Southerners, all we have to do is recall our first War for Southern Independence to remember how America really feels about us as a people.

The presence of a perceived small kindness can take many forms. For example for every dollar that we here in Florida send to the Beast in Washington, we only get 90 cents back. In the form of categorical grants and formula grants, we are then told what to spend it on and when to do it. Here in Orange County, Florida it is well know that the police have to keep crime up at a certain level in order to receive federal money. To any rational individual not suffering from Stockholm syndrome this is insane. Keep crime levels up to receive more money? In the diseased irrational mind however, ‘this is kindness.’

Isolation from perspective other than those of the abuser is easily achieved by our captors simply because- they control the media. They control the narrative. Even an educated, critical thinking Southerner will have a hard time eating a constant diet of Fox News and not come to identify with their captor, the United States of America- regardless of their roots or dialect.

Lastly, people suffering from Stockholm syndrome have the irrational belief and perceived inability to escape a horrible situation. To be fair, even some who rightly see themselves as being held hostage might still hold this irrational belief. However, escape is entirely within our grasp.

The good news is that to some degree the leftist U.S. system will do a lot of our work for us. They will keep self-destructing until Murikan Southerners understand that the empire’s threats are in large part only authorized because of people’s paralyzing yet unwarranted fear of them. Secondly, those sparse ‘acts of kindness’ will disappear as the Titanic begins sinking. As we pull more and more Southerners out of the Matrix, re-educate them, and give them their identity back; they must in turn do the same for those still under our enemies spell. Every rehabilitated Southerner will become an exponential influencer until our Folk are increasingly defiant.

When just a small number of our people once again see themselves as Southerners- citizen soldiers of Dixie- and are defiant, big things will happen. Identity and Independence will no longer be thought of as a perceived inability to escape- but a reality.

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