Dixie is still the “Bible Belt”

Dixie is often referred to as the “Bible Belt.” Depending on one’s perspective the term is either used affectionately or pejoratively. Referring to the South as the Bible Belt is not merely a generalization or stereotype- year after year this label is backed up by empirical data.

Recently, the Barna Group in partnership with the American Bible Society completed another study measuring religiosity in residents of 100 of the Empire’s cities. Religiosity was operationalized by examining…

“A combination of regular bible reading with the belief in the Bible’s accuracy across the top 100 metropolitan areas in the Unites States.”

The top five “most Bible-minded cities” were all located in Dixie including:

  1. Chattanooga, TN
  2. Birmingham/ Anniston/ Tuscaloosa, AL
  3. Roanoke/ Lynchburg, VA
  4. Springfield, MO
  5. Shreveport, LA


So where does Florida fit into the new study? Surprisingly, Jacksonville is ranked #18 among the 100 U.S. cities. Not unexpectedly to this author are areas such as Tampa [63] and Orlando [65] ranking considerably low in terms of religiosity. This is largely due however to the demographic displacement of native southerners in those areas- rather than apostasy or the effects of secular humanism. Southern Demographic Displacement in Florida is something that will be specifically addressed at the League of the South’s next national event.