Secession Rally in Tallahassee


Earlier this afternoon several Florida League of the South members and auxiliaries rallied in front of the old capitol building in Tallahassee. Our purpose was to commemorate Florida’s initial secession from the union 153 years ago today. Furthermore, we brought the modern message of Southern Nationalism to the capitol’s steps.

What’s the problem? The federal government. How do we fix it? Secede.


For several hours we waved to the constant onslaught of cars passing by and passed out Free Magnolias. One auxiliary member was especially good at distributing our literature. Although Tallahassee locals are likely conditioned to seeing activism on the capitol grounds, it is doubtful they have ever seen our message of independence and identity put so bluntly. On the whole we received positive feedback with only one negative comment over the course of the afternoon.

What’s interesting about the capitol grounds is the stark contrast between the two buildings. In front we find the old antebellum capitol building. The old capitol building with its pleasant aesthetics and charm parallels the small and frugal government it once housed.


Directly behind the old capitol building is the current one where the legislature meets and where the governors and representatives’ offices are. In contrast, this building looks like Mordor or the tower of Babel. It reeks of modernity and an ever expanding government towering over its citizens.

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At one point a very well dressed older gentleman (who probably worked in the capitol) was walking by and asked me what we were doing. I briefly explained that we were commemorating Florida’s secession from the union and that we are working to do the same thing again. For a few seconds the nice gentleman just blankly stared at me. Finally, he ended the silence with what sounded like an honest admission, “Maybe…we should do it again.” Besides the excellent fellowship, and stimulating conversations with my fellow Southern Nationalists- that brief interaction made the afternoon worth it. I can tell that he simply had not even considered secession. Not only must we pull our fellow Southrons out of the matrix that is Murika; we also need to ‘influence the influencers’ as John Maxwell would say.

Although we were small in number today, our demonstration was a successful preview of what we will accomplish at the Demonstration against Marco Rubio and amnesty on March 8th when Southern Nationalists from all over Dixie will converge on Tallahassee once again. This will be our largest national demonstration yet. Be there.