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January 25

Dixie is still the “Bible Belt”

Dixie is often referred to as the “Bible Belt.” Depending on one’s perspective the term is either used affectionately or pejoratively. Referring to the South as the Bible Belt is not merely a generalization or stereotype- year after year this label is backed up by empirical data. Recently, the Barna Group in partnership with the […]

January 11

Secession Rally in Tallahassee

Earlier this afternoon several Florida League of the South members and auxiliaries rallied in front of the old capitol building in Tallahassee. Our purpose was to commemorate Florida’s initial secession from the union 153 years ago today. Furthermore, we brought the modern message of Southern Nationalism to the capitol’s steps. What’s the problem? The federal […]

January 10

Florida’s Independence Day

Tomorrow marks the one hundred and fifty third anniversary of Florida giving the proverbial middle finger to Washington D.C. and the union. “Good riddance, we can manage much better on our own” said 62 out of 69 delegates who met in Tallahassee on January 10th, 1861 to vote on whether or not to secede. For […]

January 02

U.S. Judge Strikes Down Florida’s Welfare Law

by the Masked Walnut We start off the New Year with fresh Federal tyranny.  A US judge has struck down Florida’s law that requires folks who apply for welfare to submit to a drug test before receiving funds.  Most folks in Florida and across the US in general, support this requirement for two main reasons.  First, […]

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