Feds out of Florida rally: Ocala


By the Masked Walnut

This past weekend the League of the South travelled to Ocala, Florida.  Some rain and cool temps kept a few folks from attending the rally, but by mid-day the clouds cleared.  We swarmed the centre of town, holding Florida and Bonnie Blue flags high.  Our professional made signs spreading the word to the folks of Ocala that the Feds need to get out of Florida.  We received mostly positive responses from passing cars (one driver made a generous contribution), had several conversations with folks who were out walking and asked us what we were all about.  We even received thumbs-up from some Ocala police officers who drove by.

We stopped at a local Sonny’s BBQ for dinner for some good food and socializing. Afterward we went to the second rally sight on the west side of Ocala.  Once again we swarmed a busy intersection and held our signs & flags proudly.  Many drivers honked horns, gave thumbs-up, and shouted praises.  One car that had received some of our literature returned to get more ‘Free Dixie’ stickers and Free Magnolias.  We also gave them some League business cards.  We rallied until dusk; distributing over 100 Free Magnolias and other pieces of literature.  It was a very successful event, the fourth we have had in Florida over the past few months.  The League of the South will be having more such events in Florida (Tallahassee, 8 March 2014) & across Dixie.  We hope you will come and join us.  Help us work for a free and independent South!