Murfreesboro and Shelbyville Demonstration


This past weekend, several volunteers from the Florida League of the South journeyed to Tennessee to protest the displacement of our fellow Southerners there. Florida was in the thick of action-standing firm on the front lines.


The Middle Tennessee region has been flooded with third world immigrants over the past several years. Many of these immigrants are from the Islamic world and have already successfully polluted the Tennessee skyline with a mosque- whose permit was deceptively pushed through the county government. After countless complaints and an appeal to the Tennessee Supreme Court, unfortunately the permit has been upheld by the federal government and Christians in Tennessee have once again been given the finger by the Empire.

Also contributing to the displacement of our Southern People is the Tyson Foods Corporation. Tyson is proactive in bringing in non-Southerners to the region (and all over the South) to work in their facilities. Unsurprisingly, Tyson promotes amnesty for illegal immigrants.

On Saturday morning, around 75 League members and auxiliaries protested this on-going demographic displacement in Murfreesboro. We were composed of proud representatives of all ages and from all over the South. Our message was simple: “It’s wrong to replace us!” and “No Jihad in Tennessee!” Like true Southerners, all were well behaved and polite as we brought our positive message to the native Tennessean who might not be bold enough to stand up yet.

In contrast to our spirit and demeanour, there were some anti-Southern protesters organised by Northern activists such as Art Dishman and Satsuma (who hungrily eyed one of our Florida boys.) They constantly spewed out cliché insults at our League members calling them Nazis and Klansmen. Whereas our spirit was Christian in tone, theirs was ironically the hateful one. They also held up signs that looked like the creations of a kindergarten class with abstractions written on them calling for “diversity” and “equality.” The ironic fact that 95% of the opposition was white was not lost on this author.

After our victory in Murfreesboro, we then travelled to nearby Shelbyville carrying the same message. The opposition must have exceeded the limits of their physical endurance because they did not follow us- contrary to their previous remarks and bravado. In Shelbyville, we were very well received- by not only the citizens there, but the police as well.

As usual, some of the media present attempted to marginalize our efforts and label us a “hate group.” However, the Middle Tennessee Public Radio and the Middle Tennessee State University’s Sidelines gave us somewhat fair coverage.

For an even better recap and summary of the League of the South’s latest victory please view the articles on Southern Nationalist Network and on Occidental Dissent.


The tide is rising in the so-called “Sea of Hate.”