September 06

Florida League of the South members join GA demonstration


About two weeks ago, several Florida League of the South members traveled to Vidalia, Georgia. After being pulled over by the local police for a broken tail light, we made it to the hotel and met with League members from all over Dixie. From Virginia to Florida and parts in between, Southern nationalists rallied to take on Paul Bridges, the Mayor of Uvalda, a town near Vidalia.

As the sun rose that following Saturday, the fifty of us swarmed the main intersection in Uvalda. With flags flying high and banners & signs with strong messages telling Mayor Bridges it is wrong to replace us! Local papers came out for interviews. The SPLC also sent spies whom we didn’t know about until they had written their own articles about the demonstration days later. One spy even held up our signs and participated in the demonstration.

For ninety minutes we stood out in the sun, spreading our message, handing out literature to curious townspeople who came to see us. Police Chief Lewis Smith brought us donuts. He supports us because he is against what the Mayor stands for: the replacement of the Southern people with Third World immigrants. League President Michael Hill presented the Chief with an award, thanking him for his support.

After a few quick speeches, we went down the road to a little restaurant called Ronnie’s. The place was packed wall to wall with Southern Nationalists; even the SPLC spy joined us. The meal was delicious (I recommend the grilled chicken sandwich). We got back on the road and returned to Vidalia. But we didn’t go back to the hotel, we weren’t done yet.

Across from the local Wal-Mart in Vidalia we unfurled our banners & flags once again and spread out along the busy road. We received many horn honks from passing cars. One car I saw the driver give us a thumbs up while the passenger recorded us on her phone. Even some ants came out, one crawled up my banner sign and bit me (see: Fire Ants and Fire-eaters).

After another ninety minutes we retired to the hotel, ate some good food, went through photos & video and planned future events.  The next big League of the South demonstration will be on the 12 of October in Murfreesboro & Shelbyville, Tennessee. While there we will continue to take a stand against the demographic displacement of the Southern people and spread the word about Southern nationalism. Steven, Richard, & I will be there, we hope to see you there too.