No Love Lost Between Florida and the empire

 The overall relationship between the fedcoats and Florida is pretty combative, and there is no sign of amelioration any time soon. For sure, I am no fan of our current governor Rick Scott. However, at least at times, he does lock antlers with the imperial regime in Washington when it is appropriate to do so (which should be perpetual). For example, recently the U.S. Department of Justice filed a lawsuit against the State of Florida for “its policies for handling disabled children[i].” The DOJ claims that Florida has been segregating disabled children into nursing homes and violating the Americans with Disabilities Act. Florida’s Agency for Health Care Administration adamantly denies any wrong doing saying that they are fully in compliance with federal standards, and that this latest lawsuit is really not only disruptive, but its ultimate purpose is the takeover of Florida’s disabilities programs. The point? Federal incursions in what should solely be the responsibility of the Sovereign State of Florida occur at all levels under the radar.

The fedcoats have also spit into the face of Florida by furloughing 1,000 Florida National Guard troops. First of all, Florida National Guard troops should not be federalized and placed under the authority of the empire’s military. The purpose of the Guard is to protect and serve the interests of Florida. Second of all, they should never be sent half way around the world where they cannot in any way shape or form serve Floridians. (They are currently stationed overseas predominantly in the Middle East). In addition to the misuse of these soldiers, the federal regime has not only furloughed these men, but also instituted a 20% pay cut in other Florida guardsmen’ pay. In response, Governor Scott said:

“It is crazy that National Guard families will see a 20 percent pay cut, and our state’s efforts to immediately respond to a hurricane or any other disaster will be weakened[ii].”

The feds claim that the furloughing and the decrease in pay is the result of the budget sequester of federal spending. As most people realize though, the real purpose of the sequestration cuts were purposefully designed to produce financial pain in social and military programs so that Democrats and Republicans would bend to the will of the regime concerning the debt ceiling. Fortunately, they did not. We will not bend. Personally, I say bring the pain on. If we are not uncomfortable, then we are not growing in our pursuit of Liberty and a future Republic of Florida.

These two stories are the latest entrees in a buffet-style perversion of the Original Constitution long lost to us Floridians. As for me, I am well satiated and ready to vomit back the empires’ tyranny on their boots. The United States Government has nothing to offer us Floridians that we cannot provide for ourselves. Logistically there is much work to be done in the creation of a Republic of Florida, but sure as the morning, it can be done- and must be done for our posterity’s sake.