July 15

Fire-Ants & Fire-Eaters

This past Fourth of July I was putting up ‘SECEDE’ stickers around town.  I had just snapped a photo of the last sticker of the day and walked a few paces.  I suddenly felt itching and biting on my left leg.  I looked down and saw several ants climbing up my leg, biting as they went along.  I commenced wiping them off my leg and getting away from their nest as fast as I could.  I had received several bites, some almost reached my knee.  The attack only took a few seconds yet they had advanced that far.

A few days later I got to thinking about it; these tiny ants, barely an inch long, were going about their business, when an intruder, me, invaded their territory.  Without hesitation they mobilized, attacking a foe thousands of times their size.  With no regard for their own safety they bit and advanced on me with only one goal in mind: protect the colony, protect our home, protect our people (well, ants in this case).

We as Southern Nationalists can learn something from these fire-ants.  When someone or some organization threatens our homes, our way of life, we can not hesitate to defend ourselves.  Our enemies think of us as small and weak. They view themselves as bigger, with more power.  They do not see us as a threat.  But, if we stand united, attack and defend ourselves in an organized fashion, they will retreat and never want to return.  We must defend Dixie as the fire-ant defends his nest; defiant, biting and advancing, never retreating, never surrendering.  Even if the foe appears to be one thousand times our size.

We must become the Fire-eaters of our age.  Stand firm and protect the Southern people, Southern lands, and Southern culture.  If we do this we will be ready when the American Empire falls.  We can rise up and reclaim what is ours.  Show our enemies that they could not defeat us even when they thought we were small.

We as Southern Nationalists have a choice, we can make sure Dixie survives into the future and our nation-less, culture-less, tradition-less enemies get forgotten in the pages of history; or we can let Yankees and Third World peoples replace us and erase us from history.

The empire’s foot is on our nest, will you climb up his leg and bite, or get stepped on?  The choice is yours.