July 09

Being a Secessionist is Not a Hobby


by the Masked Walnut

One who calls them self a secessionist must have certain opinions and attitudes.  Being a secessionist does not simply mean you support the right of a state to secede, it means you desire your state to secede and become free as soon as possible.

You look at your community’s place within the country and you realize that your culture is not dominant.  The majority mock your ways, ridicule your beliefs and generally look down upon you and you kin.  The dominant culture actively colonizes your towns.  Foreigners win political office and teachers come to teach you that everything you know, believe and cherish is wrong.

When watching the news and television shows you find yourself disagreeing and arguing with the TV.  The characters on the shows believe and say things that you completely disagree with.  When you speak to folks in your community about these issues they tend to agree with you.

Secessionists must follow current events, speak out against the wrongs in society, organize, have rallies, reach out to like-minded individuals and have regular meetings.  These meetings are important; just as important as your child’s birthday party or a business meeting, if not more so.

Seceding and becoming free will give you and your family a better life.  It will be easier for an individual to start their own business and will allow your business to flourish in an environment with few if any government regulations.  Your children’s children will have a much easier life than you had a life free from government interference.  A life where they will be able to own property and have a government that protects private property rights.  A government filled with statesmen, not politicians.  Statesmen that listen to the will of the electorate, not the desires of lobbyists.  A secessionist wants to live in a place where you can be able to travel without having a government agent fondle you, paw through your belongings and ask you a series of intrusive, invasive questions.  If you want a new life in the future you will have to dedicate present time to the cause of secession and the goal of independence.

A secessionist must have patience.  It will be frustrating waiting for your fellow countrymen to come around to your ideas.  They will believe electing one political party over the other will fix all the wrongs in government.  However, over time, folks will see that both major parties are one and the same whose only goal is expanding the power of government and chipping away at the freedom of the people.  These folks will come around when they see that what politicians say changes based on their audience, but the things a secessionist say remain consistent.

All over the western world folks are being taught to hate their heritage and culture; and at the same time taught to respect the culture of foreigners while they colonize town after town.  We must take a stand for liberty, a stand for our culture.  We cannot force folks to come around but with a few neighbourhoods and towns dominated by our culture we can lead by example.  We must take back community centres and churches.  Like minded preachers can deliver sermons every Sunday on the merits of freedom, secession, and western civilization.

We must take being secessionists very seriously.  If we do not stand up to defend our culture and ideas western civilization will fall into a new dark age.  Our children’s children will look back and see the greatness of what once was and rightfully curse our names for squandering this chance to save our civilization.  We must dedicate a good portion of our lives to creating a better place, a place our descendants can be proud of.

If we are able to achieve our goals our children’s children will say thank you; thank you for saving us from a potential cultural wasteland.  Thank you for guaranteeing our freedom.  Your deeds have given us a culture and a system of values that we will pass down to our children.  We will ensure that our way of life will flourish for generations to come.

But in order to make this future a reality we must take a stand and remember that being a secessionist is not a hobby.