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July 27

No Love Lost Between Florida and the empire

 The overall relationship between the fedcoats and Florida is pretty combative, and there is no sign of amelioration any time soon. For sure, I am no fan of our current governor Rick Scott. However, at least at times, he does lock antlers with the imperial regime in Washington when it is appropriate to do so […]

July 15

Fire-Ants & Fire-Eaters

This past Fourth of July I was putting up ‘SECEDE’ stickers around town.  I had just snapped a photo of the last sticker of the day and walked a few paces.  I suddenly felt itching and biting on my left leg.  I looked down and saw several ants climbing up my leg, biting as they […]

July 09

Being a Secessionist is Not a Hobby

by the Masked Walnut One who calls them self a secessionist must have certain opinions and attitudes.  Being a secessionist does not simply mean you support the right of a state to secede, it means you desire your state to secede and become free as soon as possible. You look at your community’s place within […]

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