Florida’s Independence Conference

Last week I attended Florida’s Independence Conference in Jacksonville, graciously hosted by the Florida League of the South . The conference was an educational intensive that focused on the remedy to tyranny- secession. That’s right the “S” word. Many well-intentioned citizens, who call themselves liberty activists, libertarians, or conservatives, still cling to a futile hope that the federal government can be reformed. As Mark Thomey, vice chairman of the Southern National Congress, points out: the numbers aren’t there. Even if we as Floridians could turn back the clock to 1787 and return to the “intentions of the founding fathers”, what good would that do us? We would still be unequally yoked with immoral and socialist peoples from other regions of this continent.

In this video, Mr. Thomey discusses how sound politics naturally flows out of a moral culture. Floridians are unequally yoked with other peoples on this continent that don’t share our worldview or our end goals. The problem is mathematical. We will always be outvoted. The solution? Secession. It’s time for Floridians to stop being handsome and get ugly. It’s time to stop talking and get to work and make Florida Independence a reality. Not for the timid or faint of heart.

Founder of the Southern Nationalist Network , Michael Cushman, took his fiery presentation even further. In this excellent presentation, Mr. Cushman demonstrated how Floridians and Southerners have a clear decision to make. The only rational decision to make in these tyrannical times is for Floridians and fellow Southerners to say Yes to Independence. As a deliberate genocide (that’s right genocide) is being conducted on our people, will we just sit back and let it happen? This was strong meat for those brought up on milk.

How has the erosion of Liberty happened? For one it has been incremental. Most of us being brought up and indoctrinated in the public school system are totally unaware of just how thoroughly we have all been brainwashed. Mr. Singh gave an excellent presentation on how we are habitually brainwashed from grade school on up. The “trigger” the government uses is the pledge of allegiance. As Mr. Singh shows us with scripture- we cannot truly pledge allegiance to Christ and idols at the same time. The remedy to tyranny for Floridians, Southerners, and nations everywhere is the machinery of secession.