Golden Circle Introduction

Most people generally teach American history using either one or two story lines. The first is the Pilgrims landing at Plymouth Rock and the subsequent civilization that was birthed out of that colony. The ancestors of these Pilgrims, have gone on pursuing one moral crusade after the other such as religious freedom, abolition, feminism, gay “rights”, etc.

Another story line of American history often originates with the colony of Jamestown Virginia. The adherents to this perspective are grounded and rooted in the “union” of the various regions of in North America. This perspective also lends itself to non stop praising of the Constitution and the founding documents that bound in-congruent regions together. In short- this perspective of American history concerns itself mainly about the form of government that America has had and the various ideological battles that have been fought.

However, there is another vantage point that we in Florida, and in the lower South particularly can view our history from. This is often called the Golden Circle perspective or the Golden Circle Civilization. Above is a great introduction to this concept and the differences between the three perspectives. Thanks to Michael from the Southern Nationalist Network for making this great introductory video.